Glycolic Acid 10%

1.7 ounces

Glycolic Acid 10% - 1.7 ounces

About the Product

If you’re ready for extra powerful moisturizer, you’re ready for maracuja oil.

Also known as Passion Fruit Seed Oil, maracuja oil is truly versatile. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals, our expeller-pressed oil is an excellent emollient with the ability to moisturize as it easily penetrates the skin.

Very light and non-greasy, you can apply our Pure Maracuja Oil directly to your skin as a natural moisturizer and to add radiance or to help soften fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, Maracuja Oil may be used to moisturize your hair and scalp while alleviating dry cuticles and strengthening weak, fragile nails. Finally, Maracuja Oil can be diluted with a carrier oil, like coconut or olive oil, in any ratio you prefer and used as a soothing massage oil.

Lab verified for purity and potency, all Life-flo products meet the highest-quality standards. Give your skin, hair and nails the spa treatment they deserve, try Life-flo Pure Maracuja Oil today!

  • Lab Verified

Natural maracuja moisturizer with vitamins, minerals and EFAs for hair, face, skin, nails and body.