Lysine Balm with Monolaurin

2 ounces

Lysine Balm W/monolaurin - 2 ounces

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About the Product

Moisturizing skin and lip balm with monolaurin and other organic ingredients to soothe dryness.

  • Lab Verified

Whoever said nothing hurts more than a paper cut has plainly never had dry and cracked lips, fingertips or feet. When your most sensitive skin is parched to the point of breaking, it’s time to turn to Life-flo Lysine Balm with Monolaurin for the moisturizing relief you’re longing for.

Formulated with lysine and monolaurin to help protect skin from drying and cracking, our powerful blend also includes organic coconut, safflower, olive and jojoba oils to help provide immediate, soothing hydration for dry lips and skin. You’re sure to love the gentle, natural mango scent and flavor as much as you do the moisturizing support of added beeswax and vitamin E.

Like all Life-flo products, our balms are lab verified for potency and purity for a difference you can feel. Give your skin the soothing, hydrating treatment it deserves. Try Life-flo Lysine Balm with Monolaurin today!