Relaxing Body Oil W/lavender

4 fl ounces

Relaxing Body Oil W/lavender - 4 fl ounces

About the Product

Finding a body wash that is made with quality ingredients, moisturizes and softens, smells pleasant but not overwhelming, all while cleaning and refreshing your skin may sound like an impossible task. Here at Life-flo, we see it as a challenge. With a desire to help you reimagine all that you thought a body wash could be, we’re excited to present our Magnesium Body Wash.

Life-flo Sea Salt Body Wash is formulated with magnesium chloride sourced from the ancient, pristine, pure underground Zechstein seabed in the Netherlands. Ideal for daily baths or showers, our Sea Salt Body Wash also includes chamomile, arnica and pine bark botanicals along with other natural, gentle ingredients to help soften and nourish skin. You’re sure to love the light, jasmine vanilla scent as much as you do the skin benefits!

Each and every Life-flo ingredient is lab tested for purity and potency to bring you the best end result possible. Give your skin the cleansing, moisturizing experience it deserves. Try Life-flo Sea Salt Body Wash today.

  • Lab Verified
  • No Animal Testing

Sea Salt body wash with magnesium, chamomile, arnica and more to moisturize and soften skin.