Retinol Lip Conditioner

0.25 ounces

Retinol Lip Conditioner - 0.25 ounces

About the Product

Perfect for athletes, workout enthusiasts or anyone who’s made it through a long, active day, Life-flo MSM Plus Cream delivers soothing comfort to your joints, calms tired, overworked muscles and helps restore your skin’s moisture barrier.

Made with high-quality, patented OptiMSM for maximum benefit, our topical MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) formula is high in sulfur and very soothing and nourishing to dehydrated skin. We’ve blended it into a rich base of aloe vera gel, shea butter, evening primrose oil and other powerful emollients to revitalize the skin, add moisture and softness and calm problem areas.

Lab tested for potency and purity, no expense is spared when it comes to the quality of our products. Apply our MSM cream onto joints and muscles to soothe them, or try it all over as a luxurious body moisturizer. Take care of yourself today, so you can hit it hard again tomorrow! Feel the Life-flo difference with MSM Plus Cream.

  • Lab Verified
  • No Animals Used

Moisturizing MSM body cream for joint and muscle support with patented OptiMSM, aloe and more.