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Arnica Oil - 2 fl ounces

Arnica Oil

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Soothing, deep moisturizer and massage formula for skin, muscle and joint comfort.

If you’re feeling the aftereffects of a vigorous workout or a long, hard day on your feet, a good arnica rub down may be just what your body needs. Great for athletes, exercise enthusiasts and weekend sports warriors, this warming oil helps calm and relax overworked muscles and tension, and is an excellent formula for all-over joint care.

Our simple blend consists of pure oil extracted from Arnica montana flowers in a rich base of extra virgin olive oil for greater spreadability and fast absorption. Apply Arnica Oil to tight or overused joints, and to the muscles in your back, arms, legs, knees and other areas in need of soothing comfort, then gently massage it in until completely absorbed. One terrific side benefit: the rich moisture in the oils will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and well hydrated!

Like all Life-flo products, Arnica Oil is lab verified for the purity of its ingredients. Keep a bottle of Life-flo Arnica Oil on hand for soothing comfort after a long, hard day!

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Arnica Flower (Arnica Montana).