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Magnesium Body Scrub - 9 oz

Magnesium Body Scrub

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Body scrub enriched with pure magnesium chloride and sea salt that exfoliates, detoxifies and moisturizes.

The world is full of dirt, grime and unclean surfaces. And try as you might, it’s seemingly impossible to avoid all of it! When you want to feel clean from head to toe with a deep, intense cleanse, nothing beats the power of a Life-flo body scrub.

Life-Flo Magnesium Body Scrub brings together the calming, skin-soothing properties of pure magnesium chloride and the mineral-rich cleansing of sea salt in a gentle exfoliating body gel perfect for your shower or bath. Apply gel all over, avoiding face and other delicate areas, and lightly scrub in a circular motion to clear away dirt, dead skin cells and impurities, then rinse thoroughly. Your skin will feel instantly softer, smoother and freshly moisturized.

All Life-flo ingredients are lab tested for potency and purity, so you know you’re getting the best quality for a difference you can feel – the Life-flo difference. If you’re ready for a truly deep cleanse, you’re ready for Life-Flo Magnesium Body Scrub.