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Olive Leaf Plus

60 ct / Veg Caps

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Olive Leaf Plus™


This Olive Leaf Extract provides a minimum of 90mg (22%) Oleuropein and gives you the powerful synergy created by combining the Oleuropein Extract with Olive Leaf Powder.

  • Maximum strength Olive Leaf Extract (22% Oleuropein) 
  • Guaranteed in potency
  •  Medical studies have shown that when Oleuropein is taken orally it has the ability of inactivating bad bacteria. It does this by inhibiting the ability of the bacteria to replicate.
  •  Helps to keep the immune system in peak condition
  •  Vegetarian formula 
  • Available in 60 count ( vegetarian capsules)
Each vegetarian capsule contains: Olive Leaf Extract (300 mg)(22% Oleuropein) OTHER INGREDIENTS: Olive Leaf Powder Maltodextrin Cellulose and Silica.
Take one vegetarian capsule before each meal and one at bedtime (total of four per day)
Olive Leaf Plus

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