Collagen Plus C & E

1.7 ounces

Collagen Plus C & E - 1.7 ounces

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About the Product

Innovative anti-aging cream with collagen, vitamin C and vitamin E for more Radiant Skin™.

  • Certified Organic
  • Non GMO
  • Lab Verified
  • No Animal Testing

When time comes knocking at your door, it may seem that there is little you can do about it. Here to give you and your beautiful skin a fighting chance, Life-flo is proud to present our Collagen Plus C & E.

The most abundant protein in the body, 70% of your skin is largely made up of collagen! In fact, it is this essential protein that gives your skin its youthful elasticity. While the body is a natural producer of collagen, many people find great benefits via high-quality collagen supplementation as they age. Formulated with both vitamin C and E – powerful antioxidants that can help protect from damaging free radicals – our collagen blend is a highly innovative, anti-aging natural cream that helps illuminate and moisturize for firmer looking skin.

Like all Life-flo products, each ingredient in our Collagen Plus cream is lab verified for purity and potency for a difference you can feel. Rejuvenate your look and how you feel today. Try Life-flo Collagen Plus C & E for maximum hydration and perfectly supple skin.