Cramp Bark Leg Spray with Magnesium

8 fl ounces

Cramp Bark Leg Spray with Magnesium - 8 fl ounces

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About the Product

Spray made with powerful herbs and magnesium to relax and refresh tired legs and feet.

  • Lab Verified

Whether you’ve had an especially tiresome day or participated in a strenuous sporting event, sometimes we all need a little extra help relaxing when it’s time to wind down. That’s why Life-flo is proud to present our Cramp Bark Leg Spray.

Formulated to help relax and refresh overly tired legs and feet, Life-flo Cramp Bark Leg Spray is a powerful blend of both magnesium chloride and cramp bark extract. Magnesium chloride – the more absorbable form of magnesium – is often used to help soothe and calm overworked muscles and joints. Cramp bark is a well-loved herb used for generations by Native American women to soften and comfort skin. We’ve also added chamomilla, basil, thyme, arnica and more to make this a truly powerful spray that your legs, feet and skin will love.

Like all Life-flo products, Cramp Bark Leg Spray is lab tested for purity and potency to bring you the best product possible. Kick your feet up and get the rest and relaxation you deserve! Try Life-flo Cramp Bark Leg Spray today.