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MSM 2000 - 60 ct

MSM 2000

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Maximum strength MSM capsules to support joint and muscle comfort and mobility.

Muscles and joints can lose their flexibility and strength. If working out or being on your feet all day is taking a toll, it’s time to regroup and consider your supplement options.

Life-flo MSM 2000 provides 2000 mg of Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, per 2-capsule serving. A naturally occurring sulfur compound, MSM is necessary for proper joint and muscle function and the formation of healthy connective tissue in the body. Taken regularly, MSM supports joint and muscle comfort and mobility so you can stay active and at your best.

A powerful nutrient found in most living organisms, MSM is also instrumental in the body’s production of healthy collagen and helps support skin elasticity for a firmer appearance. And who wouldn’t want that?

Like all Life-flo products, Our MSM is lab verified for purity and potency – because you deserve the best. Keep looking and feeling your best with Life-flo MSM 2000. Try a bottle today!