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Pure Jojoba Oil Organic

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Rich oil from the jojoba desert plant attracts and retains moisture for vibrant hair and skin.

Fresh, pure, fast-absorbing hydration!

Life-flo Pure Organic Jojoba Oil brings you the moisturizing and humectant properties of this exotic desert oil custom-made for the driest climates and the most parched skin.

Cold pressed from the beans of the jojoba desert plant, the oil’s consistency closely resembles human sebum. Quickly absorbed and very compatible with the skin, jojoba oil helps attract and retain moisture for a fresher, younger appearance. Try it as a face or body moisturizer, or use it as a gentle makeup remover and facial cleanser.

Excellent as jojoba oil is for your skin, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better hair conditioner. This rich, waxy oil lightly coats the hair shaft to help seal in moisture and nutrients, smooth the cuticle and help strengthen damaged areas.

Our Pure Organic Jojoba Oil contains no additives except a small amount (0.5%) of vitamin E, designed to help keep the product fresh. Plus like all our products, it’s always lab tested for potency and purity – that’s the Life-flo difference!

No animals were used to test this product.