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Triple Advantage W/dmae - 1.7 ounces

Triple Advantage Cream

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Triple Advantage™ provides three moisturizing and firming powerhouse ingredients for more Radiant Skin™!

When you want younger, firmer looking and healthier skin, there are a lot of nutrients out there that could help you achieve your goal. But why choose just one? Providing all the benefits that multiple sources have to offer, Life-flo is proud to introduce Triple Advantage™.

A powerful and synergistic blend, Life-flo Triple Advantage packs three super nutrients for the skin in one potent formula. Addressing first the age-old desire to look younger, we’ve added DMAE for its touted benefit of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Next we included alpha lipoic acid due to its anti-inflammatory properties to minimize the appearance of blotchiness and pores for glowing skin. And last but not least is vitamin C – an antioxidant that can help to protect from damaging free radicals. Together these nutrient rich ingredients will leave you with firmer, younger and Radiant Skin™ that’s sure to be noticed.

Lab verified for purity and potency, all Life-flo products meet the highest-quality standards. Take advantage of Life-flo Triple Advantage™ today, for skin you’ll love tomorrow.