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Life-flo has something for you, whatever your body and mind are facing.

In 1995, Life-flo created our first product – a bio-identical progesterone cream that offered an alternative to synthetic creams. Since then, we’ve expanded to include over 150 natural, high-quality products focusing on supporting you through whatever changes your body and mind are facing – from skincare to wellness to soothing muscles and more.

Standards that inspire confidence.

Our products are scientifically formulated, developed using the latest research and cutting-edge technology, manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facility and packaged with consciousness to ensure the materials inside remain protected on their journey to you and fresh for use.






We harness the wonders of nature to help you feel confidently you.

We know you have a lot to think about, so we keep things simple. We choose pure, natural ingredients in their most effective forms to help you feel your best each and every day. So you’re not just alive, but LIVING.

Fact: Things change.

Life changes, you change, situations and moods and bodies and life stages change. Life-flo has natural self-care essentials that help you to keep facing the day – whatever it brings – as the amazing, confident, vibrant YOU that you are.

We emphasize purity, quality and synergy—before cost or expediency.

Rigorous quality guidelines, the strictest manufacturing processes and careful ingredient screening ensure you’re getting the purest, most effective products available.

A closer look at our favorite ingredients

Pure. Natural. High quality. Chosen for you.


Sourced from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands, magnesium offers superior relaxation and rejuvenating benefits. Found thousands of meters below the earth’s surface, far from modern pollution, it is extremely pure and provides numerous trace elements from ancient seawater.

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Rosehip Oil

Harvested from the seeds of rose bushes, our oil is organically certified, cold pressed, authentic, pure and hexane free. With naturally occurring Retinoic Acid, it helps replenish, restore and rejuvenate mature or sun-exposed skin.

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USP Progesterone

Naturally derived from Mexican Wild Yams and converted to easily absorbable, bio-identical progesterone, this ingredient has the same molecular structure as progesterone produced in the body. It also meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for strength, purity and quality.

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Coconut Oil

Life-flo's versatile, Coconut Oil products can be used as a gentle makeup remover, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, massage oil, aromatherapy carrier oil, and more.

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