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3 Benefits of Aloe Vera

If you have ever gotten sunburned, you’ve probably heard of aloe vera and its purported soothing benefits. This plant is highly revered as a wellness wonder for dry or sunburned skin and there are plenty of reasons why.

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a succulent type of plant and can be identified by its green, triangular leaves. It mainly grows in dry regions, like those of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. 

The leaf has three layers, with the first layer featuring a clear gel made up of amino acids, sterols, lipids, glucomannans and vitamins. The second layer is the bitter yellow sap that contains anthraquinones and glycosides. The third and outer layer is the leaf rind which synthesizes carbohydrates and proteins. 

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

Aloe vera has been used to soothe sun-exposed skin. It has also been used to hydrate dry skin because it contains mucopolysaccharides, which help bind moisture to the skin.

Besides its hydrating and soothing benefits on the skin, aloe vera can also be refreshing on the skin. Summer hack: keep it in your fridge or a cooler and then take it out and smooth it onto the skin when you want a little cool down. Perfect for summer outings to the beach or a picnic. 

How do I use aloe vera?

If you’re using the leaf directly from the plant, you can cut the plant leaf in half and slice off the gel, then cut that into cubes and directly massage it onto skin.

If you’re looking for a simpler, ready-to-use version, Aloe Vera by Life-flo is an excellent option. Ours is made with organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, which is extracted straight from the leaf and not processed with synthetic thickeners. The aloe used in our product is also certified by The International Aloe Science Council and designed to hydrate and soothe stressed or sun-exposed skin.

You can use it as a soothing hydrator after sunbathing, or anytime you want to lightly moisturize skin. You can also use it to lightly cool skin on warm days.

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