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7 Factors That Make Midlife Amazing


Welcome to midlife! You may have gotten here sooner than you expected. It sneaks up on a lot of us, but the good news is that there doesn’t have to be the often-mentioned “midlife crisis.” In fact, we at Life-flo asked women over 40 what unexpected positives they’ve found in midlife, and the answers were both consistent and inspiring.    

Not caring what others think:

It’s incredibly freeing! Did you head to the grocery store with no makeup on and run into everyone you know in town? Who cares? Did you skip the neighborhood block party to have dinner with your old friend? Well done. Did you make a parenting decision that differs from what your peer group did? Good for you. You chose what was right for you and your family, and the joy of midlife is being completely comfortable in doing so. This is different from disregard. It’s refining your focus and feeling good about it.


We often use the phrase “comfortable in our own skin.” Midlife is the perfect time to really embrace that feeling. Body image concerns seem to fade away as you realize you are who you are, which is so much more than a body, more than an appearance. You know your character – the good and the bad – and you are solidly grounded in being that person. One 40-something in our survey said, “I know who I am. Once my identity was established, a great deal of freedom followed. My sense of self allows me to pursue specific interests, gives me confidence at work and in exploring outside interests.” Life-flo is here to help you feel like your true amazing self, too.

Confidence - Own the room:

Whether it’s the family room or the board room, the laundry room or the bathroom, midlife brings the confidence to OWN IT. You have experience now – as an adult, a parent, a career-woman. And with experience comes knowledge, expertise, and confidence that shines through and brings out your true, beautiful, amazing self.


Midlife also brings a sense of freedom – maybe you’re an empty nester with newfound time for your own interests. Or maybe you have kids at home but you’re finally in the stage where you get a bit more sleep. Little freedoms, plus the confidence you’ve gained, let you step out and explore new activities, new hobbies. That photography class you’ve always wanted to take? Now’s the time. 

With freedom…comes boundaries: 

Liz, a 45-year-old respondent, summed this up perfectly while talking about the surprising positives of midlife: “I’m much more willing to say ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ and setting the stage to make it happen. I apologize less, which means I mean my apologies more, and I am more willing to set boundaries than I used to be.”

Real, true friendships: 

Many women gave this answer! It’s not to say that friendships of the past weren’t or aren’t meaningful. But our midlife sample, grounded in who they truly are, found that the value of their friendships (both new and old) is much greater. They’re choosing to nurture those friendships that are true – no longer feeling pressure to go to that girls’ brunch with a certain group just because it was the thing to do. One respondent describes these as “rewarding, motivating, sincere, genuine, long-lasting friendships.” These are priceless – hold onto them with both hands and your whole heart.

Shifted priorities:

Have you noticed you care less about the brand name handbags, and more about spending time with your aging parents? Midlife brings new perspective that makes you appreciate time with family and friends in a different way from ever before. It also gives you that freedom – or self-permission – to focus on you. That whole “self-care” era going on? Let yourself be a part of it. We encourage you to explore the various Life-flo products for how they can bring ease, relaxation, skincare, and balance to your health and wellness. 

So, really – welcome to midlife.  We think you’ll thrive here.