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Benefits of Magnesium Lotion

We’ve been singing the praises of pure magnesium for years — its benefits are so soothing and balancing, and it can be integrated into anyone’s daily routine or nighttime ritual. It’s probably why our Magnesium lotion is such a best-seller — it’s versatile, attainable, and one-step to feeling better in your body. Here’s a cheat sheet to all things magnesium.

Where does Life-flo Magnesium come from?

Our pure magnesium chloride is mined from the Netherland’s ancient Zechstein Seabed. This location is considered one of the world’s finest sources for pure magnesium. This seabed is 1600 to 2000 meters under the earth and renders a pure, pristine magnesium that is the basis for our highly concentrated lotion.

What does magnesium lotion do?

After obtaining the magnesium chloride, it is then blended with a rich shea butter and coconut oil for a boost of hydration. Our pure magnesium lotion relieves and moisturizes skin without any residue, designed to help you massage and nourish your skin while soothing overworked joints and muscles. 

How do I use magnesium lotion?

Let us count the ways. If you wake up feeling sore from a poor night’s sleep, smooth on some magnesium lotion to wake up your muscles and start your day feeling refreshed. Keep some in your car or at your desk for little hand massages throughout the day. Then wind down by luxuriating in a soothing massage before you hit the pillow. Using our Magnesium helps keep your mind and body balanced no matter what your to do list says. 

Does it come in other forms?

Absolutely! Life-flo not only offers a pure magnesium lotion, but you can also enjoy its balancing benefits in a roll-on, oil spray, or magnesium flakes to elevate your baths and wellness rituals.