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Emerita® is Now Emerita® by Life-flo®


Life is all about change, it’s what we at Life-flo® have always championed. We don’t believe in trying to recapture the past, trying to de-age, or go back to a previous version of yourself. Life is about growth and empowerment, which is why we’re so excited to announce we are merging with our sister wellness brand Emerita® and bringing some of their much-loved products over to our family. Emerita® by Life-flo® will be a collection of balance creams, supplements, and personal care products that capture the essence of both brands and will be available in one place. The short story? We just made finding all your favorites a little easier.

There are some slight changes to naming, which you’ll notice as you explore the site – but rest assured the quality is the same and we are here for you with any questions at all. Keep an eye on your email as we explain any changes and show off a little. For now, here’s a little cheat sheet so you know which products are for you...

Life-flo DHEA has been replaced by Emerita by Life-flo DHEA Balancing Cream

Life-flo Estriol has been replaced by Emerita by Life-flo Estriol Balancing Cream

Life-flo Estro-Care has been replaced by Emerita by Life-flo Phytoestrogen Body Cream

Life-flo Progesta-Care has been replaced by Emerita by Life-flo Pro-Gest Balancing Cream

Life-flo Progesta-Care with Lavender has been replaced by Emerita by Life-flo Pro-Gest Balancing Cream with Lavender

As you know for over 25 years, Life-flo has been committed to educating women about the biology behind hormone health and a body’s changes, while developing supplements to bring absolute balance to her life. We understand that change looks and feels different for everyone, which is why we’re committed to growing with you and continually developing high-quality products for every moment of your changing life. Emerita by Life-flo is set to take off as your ultimate regimen for body and life balance.