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Finding Body, Mind & Balance

For over 25 years we have been committed to educating women about the biology behind hormone health and a body’s changes, while developing the supplements to help bring  balance to their lives.

For every hot flash is a burst of energy. For every muscle ache, is someone who worked hard to get where she is in life. Every up has a down and vice versa. We know because we are you to commiserate about the lows and celebrate the highs. 

We understand that change looks and feels different for everyone, which is why we have created an extensive line of clean, high-quality products for every moment of a woman’s changing life – paired with science and intention to not only feel in control of her body, but to understand it. 

While change is inherent through the stages of life, Life-flo is a constant staple on your journey.

Our much-loved Magnesium products are sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed and deliver maximum relaxing and rejuvenating benefits. Luxurious Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed from organic seeds to moisturize and nourish the face and body. Our USP Progesterone is formulated to offer powerful support for a woman’s changing body. And there is so much more. 

We are science-backed, prioritizing education and formula above all else. Only the best for your body. Each supplement serves a distinct purpose for each stage of growth and change your body goes through. We champion clean ingredients while still maintaining efficacy and potency. 

As a women-led and operated brand, Life-flo has become a guidepost for harmony through each and every change. We help her not just face the day, but do it head-on.

Our mission is to give each woman the solutions to continue building the empowered, balanced life she deserves--no matter what. 

Life-flo. For body, mind, and balance.

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