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How Chenoa Maxwell Finds Her Balance

When we decided to refresh the Life-flo brand, we were instantly inspired by the women who have used our supplements and products for decades. We found that women over 40 are in a truly exciting period of time — they’ve worked hard to curate the life they now enjoy, and want to maintain and enhance that balance now that they’ve found it. We found that for every up there was a down — which is just life. It’s part of the struggle but also the beauty.

As a women-led and celebrated brand, we searched for Life Leaders — women excited to share the truth about their journey — and solutions they’ve found to keep that balance feeling beautiful.  

Chenoa Maxwell is an Emotional Intelligence Expert. Chenoa works with people of all ages and stages of life to increase their emotional wellness. Her previous career as an actress has also taught her exactly how to take care of her mind and body in all situations. We asked her to share how she keeps it balanced.

What’s an example of a thorn or struggle you’ve dealt with in the past few years that surprised you?

After being married for over a decade, I anticipated losing one of the most important relationships, my ex-husband, during our divorce — but I never could imagine how many other friends would be lost in the process. The ripple effect of unexpected hearsay, judgment, and loss of who I had considered close friends, was a painful life rattling thorn I struggled with that surprised me.

What are some ways you overcame it or made peace with it? 

Rather than staying stuck in the feeling of hurt and betrayal, I chose to let that story go and moved into curiosity. I began to “date myself” and went on an intensive inner journey to heal the origin of issues, rediscover my values, and reevaluate my friendships. It was a big “aha." The journey back to my authentic self unearthed my full worth and an inner strength I had forgotten. I soon realized with much gratitude that I'd been given a new beginning to call in a next-level love, and align myself with the supportive and true friends I deserved.

What’s an example of a rose or joy you’ve experienced in the last few years that surprised you? 

A rose that surprised me the last few years has been witnessing the adoption of corporate-wide desire to understand how to properly use and integrate emotional intelligence as a real tool for the betterment of their personnel, and not just some abstract concept or buzzword. 

What’s your definition of balance?

Balance to me means boundaries. Boundaries are the imaginary lines you draw around yourself to maintain balance and protect your energy, emotions, body, mind, and time from the demands and behavior of others. Boundaries are key to having a healthy and satisfying relationship with work, life, others, and with oneself.

What’s something helping you find balance today?

I get asked this question often, especially in my workshops and retreats. Those who know me witness how balanced my life is and want to know how I do it. For me, balance is one of life’s most sacred adventures. Balance is both a noun and a verb. It is not a fixed achievement, it’s what you continuously do. Today, like most days, finding balance requires saying no to something that doesn’t serve me at this moment so I can create a yes, for something else my soul desires. 

What Life-flo products are you loving?

The Life-flo Coconut Oil does everything in a simple, clean way. I use it to remove my makeup, as a daytime moisturizer, and as an overnight deep hydration treatment.

Life-flo’s Progesta-Care Body Cream offers powerful support as the balance of your body changes. Massage it into skin in the morning when you get ready for the day, and at night as a way to wind down and relax. 

Life-flo’s Rosehip Seed Oil is total decadence. Smart skincare is key after you hit 40, and this oil has naturally occurring antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin A.

The Super Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that hydrates and improves the look of the skin’s texture.

Follow Chenoa Maxwell’s journey @ChenoaMaxwell.