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How Elena Brower Balances Her Body & Mind

We are constantly inspired by real women over 40 who maintain and enhance balance in their lives. Women who know highs and lows are inevitable but always embrace what comes.

As a women-led and celebrated brand, we searched for Life Leaders — women excited to share the truth about their journey — and solutions they’ve found to keep that balance feeling beautiful.  

Elena Brower is a yoga instructor, best-selling author, the host of popular podcast Practice You, and her best-selling book Art of Attention has been translated into seven languages. We asked her about her relationship to balance. 

What’s an example of a thorn or struggle you’ve dealt with in the past few years that surprised you?

Just over six years ago, I got sober. It was a surprisingly expansive experience that is still unfolding. 

What are some ways you overcame it or made peace with it? 

Early in my sobriety, I made lots of art, wrote a spoken word poem, and invited my community to talk about it, to be proud of a clear mind, to release shame around addiction and recovery. 

What’s an example of a rose or joy you’ve experienced in the last few years that surprised you?

Learning that my relationship to my teenage boy doesn't need lots of talking! It surprises me to feel his appreciation for my quiet most of the time. It seems my steady presence and trust balanced with good boundaries and space is the right medicine for him right now. 

What’s your definition of balance?

A day in which I’ve moved my body, quieted my mind, helped one person feel empowered, had at least one long makeout with my man, and pleased my kid with at least one meal. 

What’s something helping you find balance today?

I ran some hills and meditated this morning... the work flowed well; now i'm going to start a new painting. My favorite kind of day.

What Life-flo products are you loving?

The Pure Magnesium Oil Spray is a gym bag must-have for spritzing on my joints after a workout. It absorbs quickly and is super soothing.

Life-flo’s Magnesium Gel helps me relax my muscles while I wind down. I’ll take any opportunity for an impromptu massage, and this easy-to-apply gel is just what I need before bed.

The Magnesium Lotion gently helps me relax my tired muscles and joints after a long day, while deeply hydrating my skin with coconut oil and shea butter.

Life-flo’s Pure Magnesium Flakes align with everything in achieving balance and calm. I add the crystals of magnesium chloride to my bath because I know it will help me relax my muscles and mind while hydrating my skin at the same time.

Follow Elena Brower’s journey @ElenaBrower.