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How to Chill Out the Life-flo Way

It’s 2023  at this point, we all have our self-care routines. Maybe you started taking walks in the middle of the day to reset and clear your mind. Maybe you gave up caffeine (eep). No matter what your tips and tricks are, the key to consistency and sustaining that level of relaxation is to switch it up from time to time. Here’s some chill-out inspiration to help you take your self-care routines to the next level. 

Elevate bath time 

Make the bathtub a “no-phone zone.” Throw it in another room so you’re not tempted to check email or send a text. Then light some candles, grab a book, and pour some Pure Magnesium Flakes under warm running water. Your muscles and mind will thank you. 

Stop for a sauna

Don’t just shower and run home after a workout make time for the sauna. Spray Pure Magnesium Oil onto the joints and muscles you exercised, then relax in the warm heat while the oil spray goes to work. These moments of stillness and recovery make all the difference. 

Luxuriate in your skincare

You know your skincare steps like the back of your hand, and could probably do it blindfolded. But slow down, really feel each serum and oil on your skin. Massage it in, take in the scents and textures, breathe in and out. Maybe recite a meditative mantra. Then lock in all your work with decadent, organic Pure Rosehip Seed Oil. 

Bring some beach vibes

Maybe you can’t literally hit the beach, but you can bring natural elements that bring the sand and sea to you. Moisturize your post-sun body and hair with fractionated Coconut Oil, which absorbs quickly and leaves you with an all-over glow. 

Book a massage 

This probably won’t be an everyday thing, but put up an Out of Office notice and book an impromptu massage. Bring a bottle of balancing Magnesium Lotion and ask your massage therapist to integrate it into a full hour of relaxing bliss.