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How to Stay Active as Your Body Ages

Movement is an important part of life – no matter what age we are. Sometimes the purpose behind various movements changes – maybe you choose activities that genuinely bring you joy, or maybe you’re looking to feel stronger or more connected to your body. The truth is though, activity sometimes can be more challenging than when we were in our twenties – those sore muscles and joints are real, aren’t they? Because we are you, we’ve put together some suggestions to help you bounce back without sacrificing the happiness that comes with moving your body through the world. 


The older we get, the more things seem to wind up on our To Do lists – from managing teams at work to family obligations and more. You built this wonderful life you live, but the days fill up. By making time to exercise in the morning (even 20 minutes), will get it out of the way when you have the energy, and won’t leave you trying to squeeze it in later.


Post workout massages help soothe sore muscles and joints, and adding magnesium to the mix is a must-have when it comes to workout recovery. There are also so many different ways to weave it into your routine – from an oil spray that’s targeted and easy to throw into your gym bag, or the Life-flo Magnesium Oil Gel that’s so luxurious as a post-class massage. 


Any kind of fitness that doesn’t include stretching could be one way it could end in injury. In addition to stretching after a workout, you should also take a few minutes before movement to warm up your muscles, and make sure to stretch gently and slowly – pay attention to the way your body feels and don’t begin your workout until tightness is felt, but never pain. Hold each position for 30-60 seconds.


Movement doesn’t have to mean an hour-long workout session of intense sweating – even the smallest additions to your day add up. We all know about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, but what about scheduling a short walk outside during your lunch hour? Bonus points for inviting a friend. You could also explore a new street or way home – or park a little farther away from the grocery store.