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Simple Selfcare to Swear By

Everyone seems to be touting selfcare these days, but it can seem like a daunting, inaccessible treat that requires a trip to a spa or a countryside retreat.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are attainable, simple selfcare tips to swear by to support your emotional and physical health and wellness. See how many you can fit into one week, and let us know how you feel!

Get moving:

Whether you’re a hard-core fitness fanatic or not, get moving! A walk around the neighborhood is a great way to clear your mind, see some sights, and get the amazing feeling and benefits of exercise. Too busy to fit that in? Find ways to sneak in some movement, like parking your car in the farthest parking spot, or taking stairs instead of elevators. 

Treat yourself:  

Have you ever met someone who actually sits with their feet up eating bon bons like the old saying goes? Probably not. But there IS value in treating yourself, whether it’s that one piece of chocolate cake or a soothing magnesium bath to help refresh your body and mind.

Stay connected: 

Find your most meaningful friendships and keep them strong. Sharing stories, laughing, or talking through difficult, emotional situations is one of the greatest benefits of friendship. Make that a part of your routine. 

But also remember to disconnect: 

Set aside some time each day to disconnect from your smartphone, your TV, your work. Taking some time with your own thoughts, reminding yourself to pause and take a deep breath, and just “being” for a bit can be just the recharge you need to face the rest of your adventurous, busy day.

Try something new: 

Sometimes, selfcare is about exciting the senses – and a great way to get that jolt of joy is by trying something new. A new restaurant, a new recipe, a new route to work, a new activity – there are so many ways to sprinkle newness into your otherwise routine week. That feeling of excitement and, often, accomplishment, is invigorating.

Be clear on what you need:  

Life is constantly changing. The weather, the environment, technology, people – everything. Your body changes, too, and being aware of exactly what it needs to keep you not just alive, but LIVING and active and out there seizing the day is truly important and beneficial. Life-flo is there for whatever your body and mind are facing, and we invite you to join our journey with a wide variety of selfcare products.

What’s your selfcare routine, and how are you feeling?