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Soothe Dry, Rough Hands with These 3 Oils


Has constant handwashing, sanitizing, and cleaning left you with dry hands and skin?

According to the National Eczema Association, water and soap strip the natural oils that coat the surface of our skin. Immediately after your hands are washed and dry, try applying one of these three oils to lock in moisture and soothe the skin.

Sunflower Oil:

A gentle yet powerful hydrator, Sunflower Oil is rich in naturally-occurring fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins. It is cold-pressed from the seeds of the sunflower. This luxurious oil is ideal for use on rough, dry hands and leaves a protective emollient layer on the skin. This oil helps promote moisture retention and soften skin and may help protect skin cells from damage.
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Apricot Oil:

Super moisturizing Apricot Oil is a soft oil that is pressed from the seed of the apricot. Rich in naturally-occurring linolenic and linoleic fatty acids and vitamin E, this gentle, hardworking oil helps hydrate the skin and retain moisture. A little of this emollient oil goes a long way and once hands have been covered, smooth excess oil onto elbows, heels, and other areas prone to dryness. Apricot Oil will leave hands hydrated and may give skin a firmer appearance.
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Grapeseed Oil:

Lightweight Grapeseed Oil can provide nourishing hydration without clogging pores. Rich in naturally-occurring vitamin E and fatty acids, this oil comes from the pressed seed of grapes. Packed with naturally-occurring omega chain fatty acids, Grapeseed Oil replenishes moisture, tones and smooths the skin for a fresher, brighter, more radiant appearance. It is non-greasy and fantastic to use on hands, as well as other areas prone to dryness.
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Pick your favorite oil and wave hello to softer, more supple hands!