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Summer Skin Survival Guide

Staying out of the sun all summer might be better for your skin, but how fun is that? Beach weekends, pool days, and nights spent near bonfires counting fireflies are part of what makes life beautiful – all you really need to help your skin stay fresh and bounce back postseason is a game plan. Lucky for you, that’s just what this is.

Drink lots of water

While we’ll show you how to keep your skin hydrated, the inside is just as important as the outside. Keep a reusable bottle on hand at all times, and keep it interesting by muddling fresh fruit like strawberries and mint and cucumbers at the bottom – then pack it with ice.

Stock up on coconut oil

Keep the summer energy going while hydrating your skin and hair with coconut oil – it soothes a sunburn, gently removes makeup, and pairs perfectly in your beach bag with a coconut water. It’s a nature-derived, easy way to keep your skin in check – and that summery sheen it gives your legs is seriously traffic-stopping.

Wear protective accessories

By no means are we saying stop showing off some skin, just balance it out with a wide-brimmed floppy hat, sunglasses, and breathable fabrics. Keep it comfy and cute while being smart about  sun damage.

Stay fresh down there

When you’re running around all day, things down south can get a little un-fresh. We don’t believe in masking natural scents with fragrance, and it’s all about those pH levels. Choose a personal cleanser that supports pH balance, controls odor and helps alleviate dryness – leaving you feeling like the freshest version of yourself.

Feel better before bed

What’s more satisfying than watching the summer sun set, taking a bath, then slipping into fresh sheets? Elevate your relaxation routine by melting magnesium flakes into your bath water. Then get some rest – another summer day awaits.