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The Life-flo Team's Body Oil Rituals


The nighttime ritual of someone in their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond is sacred — it’s something we have carefully curated over the course of our lives as a moment to restore, refresh, and rejuvenate our minds and our bodies. Furthermore, hydration is a key part of it all — making sure our skin is soft and smooth makes us feel better. We’re such delicate flowers — we gotta take care of our largest organ, the skin. 

Life-flo loves body oils for just this reason — there are so many different nourishing oils and endless ways to integrate them into your end-of-day routine. We chatted with the Life-flo team to find out just how they’re using body and face oils to keep their own unique rituals in check. 


I love my nighttime rituals and savor them even more than normal in the winter months. Life-flo Super Vitamin E Oil has always been one of my favorites for lathering on my face and hands to lock in moisture and protect them from drying out. To relax my tight muscles I massage Unscented Magnesium Lotion into my shoulders and calves. Lately I’ve been loving the ultra-hydrating Pure Almond Oil to rub all over my pregnant belly to keep it soft. It feels so soothing and comforting to apply these luxe oils before I climb into bed. With this baby on the way, I’m soaking up every moment of self-care while I can! 


I am notorious for taking long, hot showers before bed. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I like to apply Life-flo Coconut Oil to my skin to keep it hydrated. Then, as a wind-down ritual I’ll use Pure Rosehip Seed Oil on my face and go over it with a jade roller and gua sha tool before applying my moisturizer and eye cream. 


Ask my husband or my cat, I am a bath girl. Especially working from home, I need something to symbolize when my day is over and that’s a super over-the-top luxe bath. I pour bubbles, Life-flo Magnesium Flakes, a drizzle of Coconut Oil, and sometimes an essential oil into the bath, then grab a book and NO phone because boundaries. I remove my makeup with the Coconut Oil Spray because I love how targeted it is, and then pat in Life-flo Pure Jojoba Oil. After my bath, I cover my body in Grapeseed Oil and bask in how baby-soft and hydrated I feel.  


I love to wind down with Life-flo Magnesium Flakes to transition into a restful state for great sleep before I nourish my face with Pure Olive Squalane Oil to wake up feeling super-hydrated and with an extra glow! Lately, I’ve been mixing Coconut Oil with Castor Oil for an extra luxurious hair mask that I sleep in (and then some if I’m being honest) because it makes my hair so silky and boosts the shine.


After a long day, I take some time just for myself to refresh my skin and relax. I tend to do my skincare routine and as the last step, I use an oil on my face using my Gua Sha to massage the tension of the day away. I look forward to this little moment for myself every night.  The oils I’ve been loving lately are Life-flo’s Pure Olive Squalane Oil and the Pure Rosehip Seed Oil — they’re great for my sensitive skin and give me that added moisture overnight that I desperately need.


After working out I usually will take a soak in the bath with the following: Life-flo’s Magnesium Flakes, plus Super Vitamin E Oil, and Rosehip Seed Oil. These long soaks are really good for relaxing sore muscles, especially after doing a run.