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Which Magnesium is Right for Me?

magnesium lotion

Whether you’re a newbie to the brilliance of magnesium or have a stockpile of the stuff in your closet (ahem, us), there are actually so many different ways you can utilize the benefits of magnesium chloride. Winter is a great time to experiment with all the different ways of self-care — especially if you’re dealing with sore muscles and aching joints. Go grab something cozy, and begin to plan your winter of total body balance. 


We all know that stormy days and long nights can really take a toll on our happiness. So, we decided to do double duty and add the sunshine vitamin to our Magnesium Oil Spray — a moisturizing way to rejuvenate your joints in a targeted spray for those hard-to-reach spots. This is a must-have for those darker days of winter when it feels like midnight...but is actually 5pm.


This is a classic to have on hand for good reason — available in both a vibrant vanilla scent and our new unscented version with a pump top — keep this by your bedside or at your desk for anytime you need a moment of balance. All of our magnesium products feature magnesium chloride from the Netherland’s Ancient Zechstein Seabed — fancy, huh?


We don’t need an excuse to take a relaxing bath, but here’s one anyway. Our Pure Magnesium Flakes are concentrated magnesium chloride crystals that melt decadently into warm water and pair deliciously with bubbles or a bath bomb. Lock the door and sink into total softness.


What’s better than a bedtime ritual? Besides your wind-down skincare routine and trying not to scroll social media, may we suggest adding our Magnesium Oil Night Spray to the mix? Besides our signature pure magnesium chloride, we’ve added soothing arnica and relaxing lavender to really get you ready for total beauty sleep.