Pure Almond Oil

16 oz

Pure Almond Oil - Default Title

About the Product

Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, Life-flo Pure Almond Oil may be the most versatile beauty oil you’ll ever need!

  • Hexane Free
  • Lab Verified

Too many creams and lotions on your shelf? What if you only needed one perfect, all-purpose moisturizer?

Almond oil’s soothing properties and luxurious feel make it a great choice for dry skin. Gentle enough for the complexion, it’s an excellent makeup remover and day or nighttime moisturizer, high in naturally occurring fatty acids and very nourishing to the skin. Try it in place of a body lotion, on elbows, heels, cuticles and other areas prone to dryness, or use it as a base oil for massage or aromatherapy.

Its rich nutrient profile also makes it ideal for brittle, damaged hair and dry scalp. Use it as a hair conditioner after or in-between shampoos to tame frizz and leave hair soft and lustrous.

Life-flo Pure Almond Oil is cold pressed, hexane free and contains no additives except a small amount of vitamin E (0.5%) to help preserve freshness. Plus like all our products, it’s lab tested for potency and purity, so you know you’re getting the very best – nothing less.

No animals were used to test this product.