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Pure Apricot Oil

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Nutrient-packed, revitalizing Pure Apricot Oil gives dull, dehydrated skin a lift.

Feeling like your true, vibrant self is an attitude reflected in everything you do. And when you want to look like your best self, you’ll need to give your skin a healthy boost!

Packed with beneficial nutrients, Life-flo Pure Apricot Oil is the fresh, re-energizing moisturizer you’ve been looking for. Naturally rich in linolenic and linoleic fatty acids and vitamin E, this gentle, hardworking oil helps revive your complexion, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a firmer appearance.

Try it as a makeup remover, or on elbows, heels and other areas prone to dryness. The oil’s silky, luxurious glide also makes it a popular choice for massage. An excellent hair conditioner, a little apricot oil goes a long way to add softness, fight frizz and soothe dry scalp.

Pure Apricot Oil is cold pressed, hexane free and contains no additives except a small amount (0.5%) of vitamin E to help preserve freshness. Plus like all Life-flo products, it’s lab tested for potency and purity, so you know you’re always getting the very best.

No animals were used to test this product.