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What Makes The Cooling Duo Effective for Hot Flashes?

Life is all about the journey, and part of that journey is that when mid-life comes about, so do changes in our body. If you’re in the thick of it, you might already be experiencing hot flashes, which leave your body feeling swelteringly hot. Luckily, Life-flo just came out with two products that cool & refresh instantly to help you through this mid-life journey.

The Cooling Duo

Life-flo’s newest additions to its Balance Line—a Cooling Mist and Magnesium Cooling Gel Lotion—were developed to provide refreshing relief and an immediate cooling sensation with clean, plant-based ingredients. Queue the ingredients breakdown below:

Clary Sage is a flowery herb native to the Mediterranean Basin. It’s often used in aromatherapy for its refreshing scent and exhibits a cooling, soothing sensation when used on the skin.

Ginger is a root vegetable that has been widely used in traditional folk medicine. The ginger peptides found in our Cooling Duo provide antioxidants and soothe skin.

Mint is a well-known herb and its extract form is widely used in skin care products to help brighten skin, while the menthol in it helps to stimulate a cooling, refreshing sensation.


The Cooling Mist

Our Cooling Mist was specifically created to offer a refreshing, instant cool-down anywhere, anytime. Its convenient spray mist formula is perfect for on-the-go, especially on warm days out. Two standout ingredients specific to our Cooling Mist are:

Aloe Vera, which is a leafy plant that has a gel-like substance inside each leaf. When used topically, aloe vera works as a light hydrator that helps to both hydrate and soothe the skin.

Orange Oil is an essential oil that is used in aromatherapy to help uplift the senses. It is beneficial to the skin because it helps to hydrate and soothe.

The Magnesium Cooling Gel Lotion

Our Magnesium Cooling Gel is a gel lotion made for those who need a refreshing, instant cool-down with restorative benefits. The creamy gel lotion hydrates and soothes skin. Plus, 80% of consumers noticed an immediate cooling sensation after application.* Two key ingredients that make this gel lotion restorative are:

Magnesium Oil, which uses the power of magnesium chloride, a calming mineral that offers restorative benefits to tired muscles and joints.

OptiMSM® is made with restorative MSM, a chemical that helps support the body’s recovery. This gel lotion is perfect for when you need a complete cool-down while also seeking to relax the body.

As those mid-life changes come around, we hope the Cooling Mist and Magnesium Cooling Gel help you cool and refresh instantly. Need tips to chill out the Life-flo way? Read our blog.


*Based on a consumer perception study of 64 participants. Reported immediately after use.