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  • Summer Skin Survival Guide

    Staying out of the sun all summer might be better for your skin, but how fun is that? Beach weekends, pool days, and nights spent near bonfires counting fireflies are part of what makes life beautiful – all you really need to help your skin stay fresh and bounce back postseason is a game plan. Lucky for you, that’s just what this is.
  • Simple Selfcare to Swear By

    Selfcare doesn't have to be complicated.
    Here are 6 ways to fit simple selfcare into your day.

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6 Lifestyle Changes to Promote Longevity

Today, people are embracing the goal of helping their bodies and minds remain in good health for as long as possible to get the most out of their later years. The optimal aging experience lies at the crossroads of preventative measure and self care. Here are 6 ways to promote your longevity.

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5 Tips to Help Your Skin Transition From Summer to Fall

Fall is many people’s favorite season, and for good reason, but the season comes with a few tradeoffs that can wreak havoc on your skin. The best thing to do is tackle this dryness head on to keep your skin barrier supple and durable against the dry months to come. Here are some of our top tips to fortify your skin for fall.

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What are the Best Summer Supplements?
When it comes to summer, FOMO (fear of missing out) can be real. But seasonal exhaustion is real too, and you also don’t want to flop into bed every night with a new ache, pain, or problem. Here are our favorite summer supplements that will help you stay present for every event and look back on the season with no regrets.
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Emerita® is Now Emerita® by Life-flo®
Life is about growth and empowerment, which is why we’re so excited to announce we are merging with our sister wellness brand Emerita® and bringing some of their much-loved products over to our family. Emerita® by Life-flo® will be a collection of balance creams, supplements, and personal care products that capture the essence of both brands and will be available in one place. 
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